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Red Sea Homecare - the leading provider of home health care.

About Red Sea Homecare

"Caring for you like family."


Red Sea Homecare Agency has worked on a international scale and for the first time we have brought RSHA to the DMV area. We are ecstatic to serve the DMV. Working closely with clients and their families is our main priority. We want to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and all their accommodations are met. We will match clients with caregivers to their choosing. This means that if our clients prefer our caregivers to speak a certain language, we will place our best efforts to find a caretaker of their choosing. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality, comprehensive and compassionate care in the comfort of your home, remaining sensitive to your personal circumstances and unique medical needs. At RSHA we’re passionate about providing clinical excellence and compassionate care. Our approach is based on the unique care requirements for every individual client. 

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